The College Board made a big announcement this week. They will be eliminating their Subject tests and optional Essay test. Even though we prepare high school students for college admissions tests, that does not mean we endorse the practice of increased hoop-jumping for college-bound students. High school is stressful enough, and there are certainly better ways to measure a student’s ability to be successful in college. However, with ever-increasing applicant pools, it is simply easier for admissions committees to rely on more objective measures: numbers. The student’s GPA and ACT/SAT scores are still the primary consideration for admission to many colleges and universities, despite the growing number of schools going test-optional. If a test score is required, then at least making it ONE test score is better. We are glad to see the College Board announce the discontinuation of their Essay test and Subject tests. The idea of an Essay test has always bothered us; writing is a process, and the idea of artificially accelerating that process with a timed-test on unfamiliar material does not make much sense. The Subject tests essentially replicate an already existing College Board product. After all, if an applicant wants to prove proficiency in a particular subject, the College Board has the AP tests for that purpose. For now, at least some of the testing burden has been lifted. Students should remember that they are more than a number (or numbers).actACTtest preptestingcollege entrance examSAT